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Frequently Asked questions

Yes. Physician involvement is essential to the delivery of quality care. Our residents are continuously medically monitored and cared for by our skilled professionals under the supervision of our Medical Director 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. 

Yes, Maplecrest can provide transportation to medically necessary appointments. In some cases, depending on the need, schedule and medical condition of the potential rider, outside transportation services may be necessary and family members may need to accompany their loved ones. Maplecrest’s Social Services Director is available to assist and answer any questions regarding transportation.

Visitors are an important part of the recovery process and are always welcome at Maplecrest; however, we do observe quiet hours from 8pm-8am daily in an effort to be considerate to all of our residents. We understand this may not be possible for all our families and visitors, so if you need special accommodations, please let us know. Regarding visitation, please know that the health and safety of our residents is our top priority, so please refrain from visiting if you are experiencing any cold or flu symptoms.

Yes, we offer in-house palliative care services and maintain professional relationships with many Hospice care providers who can provide services within the comfort of our facility. Hospice care includes management of pain and other symptoms, spiritual counseling, care planning, and grief support.

Yes, we offer inpatient skilled nursing respite care for those who are eligible for this Medicare benefit. We also offer short-term stays at a private rate for those who need short term accommodations.

Amenities are provided to all residents. Our long-term residents are welcome to personalize their individual living space with their own furnishings provided those furnishings and items do not create a health or safety risk, are not medically inadvisable, or infringe upon the rights of other residents.

Our Food Services Team customizes meals in accordance with a resident’s health and wellness plan. Residents are offered three nourishing, palatable, and appetizing meals daily at regular hours comparable to normal mealtimes in the community. These meals shall be varied and meet the nutritional needs of the resident and accommodate religious, ethnic, cultural and personal preferences. Food substitutes of similar nutritional value are always available.

Companion animals can provide incredible benefits to a resident’s overall health. Our pet-friendly facility welcomes those companions to visit. A current vaccine record must be on file prior to any visits. Pet owners must sign in at the front desk and notify the unit nurse upon arrival. Pets must be leashed and may only visit designated residents unless otherwise approved for additional interactions.

Yes, laundry services are provided onsite at no additional charge.

Yes, but coverages vary. Our Business Office Manager and Admission Director are available to discuss coverages and benefits specific to you. 

Yes, all licensed care providers are required to complete continuing education hours specific to their designation. In order to maintain the highest level of care, our staff members complete monthly continuing education training and other professional development courses.